Organic Viticulture

We take care of the environment by encouraging biodiversity

Organic winemaking is the natural culmination of a quest to achieve the greatest expression of land.

Respect for nature is the best tool for obtaining grapes rich with life and expressive potential.

The balance between humankind and nature is at the heart of wines that have a deep connection to the land where they are made. Such wines are unique and cannot be reproduced elsewhere.

“Organic grape-growing is arduous and requires more hours of manual labor. But it can be done. Since 1998, the fruit of our commitment has been healthy, beautiful grapes. Organic vineyards teem with life. Their robust roots dig deep and they express a real connection with the land. Organic farming is the means but quality is the end.”

— Silvano Brescianini, General Manager and Founding Partner

What does Organic Viticulture mean?

“Organic viticulture” means that we use only substances found in nature or obtained from nature through simple processes to protect and feed plants in the countryside. No chemical processing or genetic manipulation, no GMO, fertilizers or synthesised chemical pesticides.

Organic grapes enjoy a life cycle that doesn’t rely on chemicals.


Biodiversity is encouraged in organic vineyards and the vines grow in a soil that is rich in life.

Grass growing between the rows enables this delicate balance: herbaceous plants also house many forms of insects that control each other, leaving less room for certain parasites.

We assess the weather reports, observe the levels of disease aggressiveness and agree on an integrated protection plan.


Thanks to beneficial bacteria the plant can feed better and more naturally on the mineral substances in the soil, developing more resistance to diseases and better production capacity over time.


Treatments against certain parasites are carried out using only sulphur and copper in their simplest compositions.

Against harmful insects we use only natural plant products or bacteria. All precautions are taken to avoid the negative effects of the vicinity between organic vineyards and conventional vineyards.

All this implies more commitment, both intellectual and operational, and requires adapting to the rhythms of nature.

Organic farming, however, gives rise to high quality grapes, rich in flavor and character, which constitute the raw material from which a great wine is made.


We would like to freely share with you the results of analysis carried out on our wines, which attest to the absence of pesticides, fungicides and insecticides.

Organic Viticulture is certified in Italy by bodies accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture. Our wines are recognised by Valoritalia with the “Organic Agriculture” mark.

For methods applied in the cellar, in March 2012 came into force on EU regulation no. 203/2012 which officially introduced the category of Organic Wine.